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Notary Chain

Smart Contracts Ready!

For a secure contract to happen you need an agreement between at least 2 parties. But with the speed at which business is happening nowadays more and more it becomes necessary to use technology. Through our Notary Blockchain, we have been able to record immutable contracts, which ensure that all parties are safe. Integrated with the Smart Card, our product streamlines digital document signatures and accelerates bidding, auctions, polling, or any contract that requires anti-fraud, transparency and speed security. Contact us now and get to know this innovative product.I want to know more!

Main features

  • Signature with Smart Card (eCPF, eCNPJ and OAB)
  • Verification of Authenticity of Public Securities
  • Digital Signature of Documents
  • CMS and Document GED
  • Certifications in Blockchain
  • Tenders in Blockchain
  • Auctions in Blockchain
  • Voting with Blockchain

Ideal solution for:


Validate digital documents ensuring 100% authenticity


Make public information more secure and transparent


Ensure more isonomy and speed at auctions

About Me

Make your votes even more secure and immutable

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